Kytros’ Forest overworld map was pre-generated with a realistic world generation. We have mountains that go up to the sky limit, rivers that cut the continent, trees taller than vanilla, and plains that stretch across far and wide. We are a new server with plans to keep this world going for months to come.

Our goal is to build a community of people who love to build or just hang out. We are super laidback with a focus on bonding the community. We do not aspire to be a hermitcraft server (because players there practice too much social distancing) and so we discourage an economy and encourage the culture of sharing or bartering. We are semi-vanilla with only a few quality of life plugins or fun/interesting ones. Hence, we have no teleport commands or dynmap to encourage people to explore and map the world at their own pace. We have people building their starter house at spawn and are slowly expanding out in building new towns and areas of interest.

Most of us are in school and are working adults. We based on our events mostly on EST timezones and on weekends. We are looking for like-minded people who share an interest in world-building, being part of a community, or just wanting to have fun!